The Belgian Painters Guild

About us

The Belgian Painters Guild refers to a collective of high-end interior and exterior decorators in Belgium who have come together to foster artistic knowledge, promote the interests of residential painters within the guild, and support one another within the community.

The guild is exclusive applicator and ambassador of

Domingue Architectural Finishes

Domingue Architectural Finishes, exclusively
distributed by The Belgian Painters Guild,
is the result of a rare alchemy.

A rich mix of deep experience, knowledge and creativity
provides designers with the means to elevate and enrich
their projects via timeless, beautiful materials.

Domingue Architectural Finishes plasters,
lime wash and mineral paint deliver unadulterated
finishes that have stood the test of time.

These beautiful, rich and durable finishes have
no synthetic ingredients or chemical additives, exactly
what The Belgian Painters Guild stands for.

In addition to their naturally pure composition,
they are earth-friendly in production and application,
ensuring the health not only of personal living spaces
but of our shared environment.

Historically, guilds were associations formed by craftsmen or artists in different trades or disciplines during the medieval and Renaissance periods.

Belgium has a rich artistic tradition and has been home to many renowned monumental painters throughout history.

Those have recently unified in a brotherhood called “The Belgian Painters Guild”.

Associations and guilds often serve as places for artists to network, share knowledge,
and advocate for common interests within their specific worlds.

Various artist associations, groups, and collectives in Belgium continue to uphold
the spirit of artistic collaboration and support.

From now on as well among the most reputable painters, in
The Belgian Painters Guild… to not let valuable knowledge be lost.