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Made in Belgium,
our range of all-natural lime plasters, lime wash, mineral paint, wall and trim paints
is the finest collection of architectural finishes ever available globally.

Mineral-based plasters and paints, produced following formulas tested by time,
are unrivaled in their purity, durability, coloration, and beauty.


Lime Wash has long been admired for
the unique elegance and substance it
contributes to any building.

Our Lime Wash is a ready-mixed, all-natural
architectural topcoat, equally suitable
for interiors and exteriors.

Eminently adaptable, lime wash can achieve a
wide range of beautiful effects, from a
simple glaze to a soft, nuanced finish
composed of multiple layers.


Our Mineral Paint is a ready-mixed
finish coat that delivers a subtly
textured, matte finish long-prized for
its depth of color, luminosity, and durability.

Composed of natural, high-quality
ingredients, its dense pigments
allow mineral paint to achieve
colors more intense than lime wash,
hues that can be bright, deep,
remarkably lightfast, and UV resistant.


Depending on the composition (coarse or fine)
and the hand applying it, lime plasters can achieve
an infinite range of textures, from rough-hewn to
softly organic to smooth and glossy.

Lime plaster is exceptionally durable; and bonds to
the surface through a natural chemical process resulting
in a stable, breathable, lightfast coating.