The Belgian Painters Guild

The Belgian Painters Guild refers to a collective of high-end interior and exterior decorators in Belgium who have come together to foster artistic knowledge, promote the interests of residential painters within the guild, and support one another within the community.

The guild is exclusive applicator and ambassador of

Domigue logo transparant
Domingue Architectural Finishes

Domingue is the finest and most complete range of finishes
assembled as a collection and made available globally.

From ageless materials such as natural lime plasters,
lime wash, and mineral paint to the most advanced and
elegant flat, matte, and satin paints.

Domingue brings unsurpassed quality and exceptional
beauty to walls, floors, ceilings, and woodwork.

With a range of plasters that can produce
a myriad of finishes and an incomparable paint palette
of 55 subtle and natural colors, Domingue is unrivaled
as a comprehensive collection of distinct and luxurious
materials that are versatile, modern, and timeless.